Packing & Un-packing

Do you like packing ? We do!

We can pack your entire home or just some of it. We can also unpack it for you in your new home. It’s all up to you.  Don’t lift a finger with our packing service.

Our full or partial packing service will take care of your packing at your current address. We can pack all or just some of your belongings to give you peace of mind and more energy to focus on other aspects of your move. Once packed, all of your boxes and items will be securely delivered to your new home so you can peacefully unpack them at your own pace. If you’d like, we can take care of the unpacking as well.

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We can pack it all, just say the word

You’d be surprised how long it can take to pack even a small apartment, let alone a family home with 30 years of memories. With all of your items carefully packed and clearly labeled by our professional team for an easy unpacking experience, settling into your new home will be an absolute joy.

Our movers have the training and expertise to efficiently and securely pack your valuable family heirlooms and all your precious china.

We can pack your living room, your kitchen or your entire home

Let us know if you want us to pack a few rooms or your entire home.

Whatever option you chose, you’ll find clearly labelled boxes with logically grouped items packed room by room that will make your unpacking experience very easy.

Here are some of the common packing services provide for our customers:

•   Kitchen which includes glassware, plates, cutlery, utensils, knife blocks, baking trays, pots, pans, chopping boards, cleaning products and appliances (toasters, kettles, mixers and blenders, etc.)
•   Living Room which includes TV, sound system, books, pot plants, lamps, heaters, decor, pillows, artwork and curtains
•   Wardrobe which includes clothing, shoes, jackets, accessories. As most homes have multiple wardrobes these are packed separately and labelled clearly.
•   Bedroom which includes pillows, bedlinen, photos and momentos, lamps, fans, bedside tables, kids toys and curtains.
•   Study which includes important documents, tech equipment and devices, books, storage furniture, certificates, lamps and wall art
•   Bathroom which includes toiletries, makeup, towels, appliances like electric razors and blow dryers
•   Garage which includes shelving, outdoor equipment, large appliances like leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners, luggage, bicycles and tools
•   Entire home which includes all rooms and items in rooms

Our simple 3 step packing process

Should you choose to get our packing service, we’ll need you to be present during the packing process, all you need to do is sit back and have a drink while we do the packing.


MAKE A LIST OF ITEMS AND ROOMS TO PACK: Together with you we create an inventory list, room-by-room, of all the items you would like for us to pack. We plan your packing experience around your inventory list, which will be reviewed throughout the entire move to keep your items secure.


REVIEW OF FRAGILE ITEMS TO PACK: At Be Amazing we pay attention to detail, and we make sure we consult you closely on any custom packing for items which may be fragile or oversized.


PACKING YOUR ITEMS ON YOUR SCHEDULE: We will arrive with our packing supplies at the agreed packing time. From supplying the boxes and materials, to wrapping, padding, taping boxes closed, labelling them and marking them off your inventory as we go, our professional movers will treat your valued household items as they would their very own. We will leave you with a full copy of the inventory list to take with you to your new home and unpack at your leisure. After this experience, you’ll wonder why you never did it this way before.

Not enough space in your new home?

Take advantage of our amazing storage services.

We will pick up all the items you wish to store from your doorstep and deliver them to our secure San Francisco storage facility, where they will be safely stored for as little or as long as you like.

Just let us know when you need your items back and we will drop them off at a time that suits you.


Be Amazing

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“I couldn’t have made a better decision in hiring Be Amazing Moving for my move!! I can’t speak highly enough of the crew they sent me. David and Joe worked great together as a team and made the hard work look effortless, despite the rain. They were beyond pleasant, efficient, upbeat, considerate, courteous and professional. I highly recommend them if and whenever I hear of anyone moving. They were the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!”

Renee T.

Residential move, March 2021