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Minimize Business downtime with San Francisco’s Most Recommended moving company.

In business, a day missed is another man’s fortune. From planning to the end of the move, we consider every aspect of your office move efficiently so you can get back to your regular business schedule in no time.

We know downtime means lost income so at Be Amazing, guaranteeing that your business runs smoothly while relocating is our top priority.

With our detailed logistics, team of commercial movers, specialized services and unmatched packing expertise — Be Amazing always plans,
executes and delivers your commercial moving with perfection.

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Our highly skilled team will make you office move convenient

Work is already stressful enough. Moving doesn’t have to be. We understand your need to minimize the interruption to your daily business. Our number one priority is to be back in business as soon as possible. Good thing our business is moving your business.

Be Amazing is ready to meet whatever your moving needs may be, even if that means sending crews in the evening or on holidays.

Be Amazing

Your stress-free commercial move in 4 super-easy steps

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Fill in the form online or just give us a call.

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We visit your office virtually and send you a quote.

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We offer only honest quotes with no hidden fees.

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We dispatch our professional crew in no time.

Our commercial moving team is ready to take the lead

Organization is key. Before the move, Be Amazing will request a floor plan of the new office. With your help, we assign numeric or alpha names to different designated areas of your office. That floor plan becomes a basic guide for your move. We designate each item to be moved with special color coded labels that include your assigned names and a unique number. Then, we map out where each item should be carefully placed on your new floor plan.

Focus on your business, we got the moving part covered

As promised, there will be no unwelcome surprises. Whether you’re moving a small office or a massive operation, the only surprise will be how pleasant commercial moving in the Bay Area can actually be with our Be Amazing movers.

Be Amazing

Mix & Match the services you need for your Commercial Move in San Francisco

Too busy working? No time to pack? We got you. We offer full & partial packing of your boxes for you. We also provide unpacking services and we can even arrange a professional cleaning service for you so that you literally do not have to lift a finger. The team working of our commercial movers in San Francisco is trained at packing and unpacking while ensuring the safety of your office’s equipment and belongings.

Already a packing pro? We can simply send out our amazing movers in their shiny truck to move your boxes and office furniture.

Not enough room in the new office? We offer long and short term storage options

How much we do is up to you.

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